agencia de viajes

Mision – Vision – Values


  • We are a company focused to service both domestic and international markets.
  • We strive to make a difference in travel industry by offering quality, reliable service and competitive fares while remaining commited to our clients and the community.
  • We firmly believe that our employees are our most important asset as a company, therefore we aim to provide a work environment where they can develop their potential and become a fulfilling person both for our company and the community we serve..
  • We are firmly committed to the not just maintaining our services, but developing and improving them.  Though continuous enhancements to our operational procedures, we can guarantee our level of service now and for years to come.


Our goal is to be a first class full service Agency, specializing in customized travel packages to Central and South America.

Excelsior Travel & Tours operates with a total dedication to meeting our client’ needs and to providing reliable services and products at a reasonable price.


  • Our team will be lead by our understanding and dedication to our customers, as well as the potential for bettering themselves and Excelsior Travel & Tours.
  • We are committed to honesty, communication, and staying in compliance with domestic and international laws. Exceeding expectations in order to retain every customer will be our common goal.
  • We won’t be shy in taking prudent risks and leading by example, always keeping in mind that we will never jeopardize  our customers’ or company’s well being.
  • As a minority business we will encourage and support diversity, building mutual trust with our customers, employees, and our community.
  • As a business we operate to attract, develop, and employ the most talented individuals to be the number one agency in the industry.  Through exceptional service, competitive prices, and use of the best technology available, we strive to enjoy meeting our customers’ needs..
  • Whether or not you give Excelsior Travel & Tours the opportunity to serve you, may God bless you in your travels.